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Zelda and Ivy: The Big Picture

Join Zelda, Ivy, and best friend Eugene in three brand new top-secret adventures!

"Zelda and Ivy, the foxiest sisters in children's literature, are back to entertain the Not Quite Ready for Chapter Books set. As usual, their independent personalities take center stage in three episodic stories… The bold colors, fox red, deep purple, and gold, reflect the characters' strong, confident attitudes. Like James Marshall, Kvasnosky deftly tweaks her pen-and-ink lines to express each character's emotions."
Horn Book

"Three new, entertaining episodes about the fox siblings, just right for beginning readers...The distinctive gouache resist illustrations add lots of humorous details and textual clues for beginning readers. A wonderful addition to the series for existing fans or new readers."
School Library Journal

Zelda and Ivy
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