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The Fox Art Gallery
From time to time, young Zelda and Ivy fans send in their own artwork inspired by the Fox sisters. These creations are now proudly displayed in the Fox Art Gallery.

View this wonderful collection of fox art and get inspired to create your own Zelda and Ivy drawing or painting!

Visit the gallery!

Cloë and her Zelda and Ivy book report Cloë's Zelda and Ivy book report
Cloë shows off her Zelda and Ivy book report!
First grade, Norris Elementary, Bakersfield, CA

More Projects and Cool Stuff!

Zelda and Ivy Personality Quiz

Zelda and Ivy Personality Quiz: Are you a Zelda or an Ivy?

Take the quiz and find out!

Zelda and Ivy holiday gift tags

Zelda and Ivy gift tags are here, just in time for the holiday season!

Click here to see four different tags you can print and cut out at home.

Mrs. Brownlie's Gingerbread Cookies

Mrs. Brownlie's Gingerbread Cookies are a special holiday treat.

Now you can bake them at home – and even top them with some tasty Foxy Gingerbread Icing – by using this simple recipe.

Zelda and Ivy paper cut-out dolls

Paper-doll versions of Zelda and Ivy, which you can dress.

Print out the Fox Sisters and their wardrobe from their first book adventures.

Gouache resist tutorial

Gouache resist is the medium I use to paint the illustrations for Zelda and Ivy.

Learn how to make your own gouache resist artwork.

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