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Zelda and Ivy Personality Quiz
Discover Your True Personality: Are You a Zelda or an Ivy?

It's simple. Select 'a' or 'b.'

  1. You and your friends rent a video:

    a. You choose the movie.

    b. You pop the popcorn.

  2. You and your friends stage a neighborhood opera:

    a. You're the director and the star.

    b. You pass out programs.

  3. Your sibling gets a new bicycle:

    a. You demonstrate how to ride it.

    b. You wait for a turn all afternoon.

  4. It's time to get dressed:

    a. You pick out a silver gown with pink boa and elbow-length gloves.

    b. You ask your sister to choose for you.

  5. There's one piece of chocolate cake left from your sister's birthday:

    a. You offer to share it.

    b. You give it away.

  6. You are...

    a. oldest child.

    b. ...not the oldest.

  7. Add up the number of a's and b's – if you have more a's you're a Zelda, if you have more b's, you're an Ivy.

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