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Frank and Izzy Set Sail
A bear and a rabbit hone the fine art of being a good friend and still being yourself in an engaging, amusing tale about appreciating differences (ages 5-9).

Frank the bear likes the quiet life sitting in his favorite armchair and playing the ukelele suits him just fine. Izzy, on the other hand, craves adventure, as you might expect of a rabbit whose grandma sailed the seven seas with a parrot on her shoulder (well, maybe not the parrot part). It's no surprise that when Izzy suggests they sail to Crescent Island and camp out overnight, Frank is a tiny bit hesitant. But when Izzy agrees to tow along most of Frank's earthly possessions and Frank patches up an unexpected mishap on Izzy's part — they both agree that odd couples can make great companions for sharing a wonderful summer's day.

"Even text and natural dialogue reflect an understanding and acceptance that serves well as an example for true camaraderie. Sweet-tempered and affable."
Kirkus Reviews

"Kids are certain to flock to this seafaring story of two friends who bring out the best in each other."
The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"...(Frank and Izzy's) easy-going, give-and-take friendship provides an example for any age."
Publishers Weekly

From the Author
"I identify with the character of Izzy Rabbit, while my husband takes after Frank. We're still practicing our ukeleles for the Talent Show."

Frank and Izzy Set Sail
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