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Set Up Requirements for a School Visit

Preparation – Students will get the most out of my presentation if they are familiar with my books. The powerpoint presentation includes includes the Zelda and Ivy series; See You Later, Alligator; Frank and Izzy Set Sail, and Really Truly Bingo.

A daylong visit typically includes four presentations: two morning powerpoint presentations, one geared to the younger kids, one to the older; and two afternoon double-classroom workshops. Please, no more than 50 kids in the workshops.

I invite teachers to fully participate. I need their help to maintain a civilized atmosphere, model good participation and reinforce the experience.

Powerpoint Presentation – The room should darken well so the slides show up clearly. I will bring my computer and LCD projector, but need:
  • Cart and extension cord (if necessary to hook it up)
  • Microphone (lavaliere if possible)
  • Easel and paper and container of water for paint brush
  • Table to display my books.
Classroom workshops – For each of these 50-minute workshops, I need a big white erase board and juicy Expo markers or a blackboard with chalk.

Memory Book workshop (for grades K, 1 and 2) – Students will need two sheets of white paper folded hamburger style (as opposed to the longer hot dog) and stapled in the middle to make a book. They will need pencils or crayons and a hard surface to write on.

Create a Character workshop – I will supply a master to copy worksheet. Students will need pencils, erasers and a hard surface to work on.

Drawing on Family Stories evening program (90 minutes) – Families work as teams to illustrate and then write a treasured family story.
  • Tables in library or cafeteria are set up with strips of shelf paper down each side.
  • Many juicy markers are needed.
  • It's nice to have refreshments for the final interval, while we read and celebrate the finished pieces.
Book Illustration workshop – Students will need paint brushes and protective clothing. Tables should be covered with newspaper. We also need six or seven hairdryers to speed the drying process and a sink with a sprayer.

P.S. I prefer vegetarian food.

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